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One of the constantly rising industries in India is that of Aluminium Extrusions and Aluminium Extruded Products as novel and creative ways of using the product are being discovered every now and then. Recycling of the product is being emphasised in every country to reduce energy consumption during production. We at White Metals Ltd. Also keep our energy focussed towards the same goal. We are aware of the possibility of environmental pollution in the process of aluminium production and hence conduct experiments to minimise these effects and to come up with unique ways of using this metal for maximum effect.

Our journey started way back in the 1970s when we received our trading licenses. We began our aluminium extrusions work around 1996 and have been serving various sectors of industries ever since. We maintain our thankfulness to our stakeholders for always remaining by our side to support us through thick and thin. Thus, our attempt has remained to provide our stakeholders with an adequate share of their profits through generating revenue. As an organisation, we believe in growing with our employees and partners and do not just focus on profit making. This is reflected through our constant and consistent dedication towards innovation and novelty.

Each of our products reaches our clients after passing through stringent quality checking procedures. Our guarantee for quality materials is in sync with industry standards and our delivery is done on time, each time. We aim to provide error free, standard quality products with a value for money so that each of our clients finds the most out of their financial investment. We received our quality certification from BSI Management System Private Limited under the ISO 9001:2000 category. Our quality checking tools include:

  • Optical Emission Spectro-meter
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Hardness Testing Machine
  • ROMIDOT Automatic Profile Measuring System
  • Straightness Table
  • Eddy Current Tester for tube integrity
  • On-line Laser mike for tube dimensions

We are working towards improving these standards and systems too.

Our organisation is known for its ability to meet high standards of customer demand and this has been possible through our maintenance of high levels of production and extrusion facilities. A large number of our clients belong to the automotive industry followed by others from the electrical, architectural and electronic fields. Some of the major products of our organisation include close tolerance tubes, signages, translite boxes, profile bending, security enclosures and added value extrusions.

Our biggest asset in our journey so far has been an experienced and hard working team which currently consists of more than 150 trained and expert personnel. Our journey as the country’s leading manufacturers and exporters of aluminium extrusions and extruded products, aluminium profiles and rolled products will never cease to exist. We believe in evolving with time and thus will ceaselessly work towards a better future for our country, for our next generation. Our desires in this regard are also supported by our socially beneficial projects through which we aim to increase awareness about aluminium usage and also attempt to make our contribution towards improvement of the world around us.

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